In seven places within Gmina Chmielno, comprehensive canoeing infrastructure has been built.

Canoeing enthusiasts can use a portage and as many as 6 canoeing stops located at the lakes Raduńskie, Białe and Kłodno. The following construction projects have been completed:

  1. Portage at the Chmielonko weir

  2. Canoeing stop at the Dulka marina

  3. Canoeing stop at Lake Białe

  4. Canoeing stop at the Leisure Centre ‘Krefta’

  5. Canoeing stop at the public beach at Lake Raduńskie in Przewóz

  6. Canoeing stop in Przewóz

  7. Beach stop in Zawory at Lake Kłodno.

As part of the project ‘Pomorskie Szlaki Kajakowe – Szlakiem Raduni’ [Pomeranian Canoeing Trails – the Radunia Trail], facilities outfitted, among others, with canoeing piers, slipways for launching canoes, canopies with leisure and barbecue spots, have been created. Furthermore, canoe drying racks, portable sanitary facilities and trash cans have been assembled on the shore. The project has been implemented in partnership with other gminas [districts], headed by Gmina Stężyca.

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