Near the village Żukówko, at the beautiful lake Żukowskie, within Gmina Parchowo, a small canoe jetty has been built. The scope of the works performed on the jetty included, among others, ground hardening, construction of a canopied hearth, placement of tables and benches, as well as canoe drying racks, bicycle racks and a toilet.

There is also a place for a bonfire and a place for camping. Informational, promotional and environmental signs were placed near the jetty. It's worth noting that in 2014, Gmina Parchowo built here a permanent canoeing and angling pier, which is already in use by water sports enthusiasts.

This plan has been implemented as part of the project ‘Pomorskie Szlaki Kajakowe – Szlak Górnej Słupi’ [Pomeranian Canoeing Trails – the Upper Słupia Trail].

The Słupia River – which is a very diverse canoeing trail – flows through the Lake. The Słupia stretches across the East Pomeranian and West Pomeranian lake districts. It crosses the Kashubian Lake District, the Bytów Lake District and the Polanowska Plateau; it flows along the border of the Damnica Plateau and the Słupsk Plain. The Słupia originates at the height of 178m above sea level from peat bogs in the Kashubian Lake District, near Sierakowska Huta. It has its mouth in Ustka, at the Baltic Sea. From among the four larger tributaries available to canoeists, the Bytowa, Skotawa and Kamienica Rivers are worth mentioning.

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