The partnership between ‘Pomorskie Szlaki Kajakowe – Szlakiem Brdy i Zbrzycy’ [Pomeranian Canoe Trails – the Brda and the Zbrzyca Trail] and the Czersk Forest District Office has built a small canoe jetty.

Hundreds of thousands of fallen trees, blocked roads, broken power poles and torn tractions... that's what one August night in 2017 was like. To this day, the inhabitants are wrestling with the results of the strong gale that passed over their heads. The Czersk Forest District Office has left remnants of that tragedy untouched in order to make society aware of how powerful Mother Nature is. Fortunately, everything has been slowly recovering. The altered landscape continues to be very attractive to tourists. By canoeing through the Canal, one can see the scale of damages caused by last year's squall for oneself.

In Konigort, at the Brda Canal, as part of the project ‘Pomorskie Szlaki Kajakowe – Szlakiem Brdy i Zbrzycy’, the Czersk Forest District Office has built a small canoe jetty. The scope of the construction works has included, among others, construction of the jetty and car park, and structural landscaping. The solutions adopted will enable water sports enthusiasts to organise a wonderful canoeing trip.

It's worth noting that the Brda Canal is the largest aqueduct in the entire Poland, built by Prussians in the 19th century. It is maintained in great condition – there are as many as 30km (19 miles) of canals channelling water to the meadows of Czersk, and thereafter to hundreds of ditches. The canal was built back when excavators or any other machines were beyond people's wildest dreams. Therefore, the canal was built by human hands, and the canal walls are chiefly earth structures.

If you are canoeing trip enthusiasts, you have to come here; you will remember this place forever and will want to return here as often as you will be able to.

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