Brda – medium section (Woziwoda – Piła Młyn)

Section length: 26 km

The kayaking trip starts in Woziwoda. You paddle under a road bridge. Mind the rapids here! After several kilometres from the start, the river valley widens and the landscape changes into a forest-and-meadow one. On the left, you paddle past the mouth of the Biała Struga and then an overlook from which you can see the meanders of the river. You reach the campsite in Gołąbek. Further on, the river speeds up and there are rapids, fallen trees and rocks in the riverbed. You paddle under a road bridge on the Tuchola – Tleń route and reach Tuchola Plaskosz. You pass a railway bridge, “Jagiełło’s Stone” – a huge erratic boulder – as well as a campsite in Rudzki Most. The next kilometres are about dealing with fallen trees on the river, which you can paddle over. From Piszczek onwards, the current becomes really burdensome and as you overcome successive obstacles, it is easy to capsize. The route passes a road bridge and a campsite in Świt. You reach a cluster of 700-year old oaks and then get to the crucial section called “Piekiełko” (“Hellhole”). The river speeds up here and you can expect a fast current, steep banks and numerous rocky rapids on the way. This section of the river is mountain-like (river drop of 2‰) and relatively difficult. You reach the Piła Młyn campsite.

  • Trail length: 26 km