Łupawa – easy section (Obrowo – Lake Jasień – Kozin)

The section from Obrowo to Kozin is easy, with some local obstacles. It is suitable for experienced kayakers. Initially, the route passes through Lake Jasień, which consists of two separate bodies of water connected by narrows. In the first area, strong wind and waves may be a nuisance. The other body of water is more sheltered and the lake is narrower and not so rough. At the end of the lake you enter the river. Initially, the route is quite fast and narrow. You should also watch out for makeshift low footbridges. Past the village of Zawiaty, the river is easy and much prettier – the surrounding areas are part of the Dolina Słupi Landscape Park. Further on, after passing a bridge (voivodeship road), the river speeds up and you enter a forest. The river current is swift and unpredictable. There are numerous rapids and obstacles on the river. At the end of the forested section, the water is dammed up on a destroyed gate. Below the gate, the river calms down and is wider and slower. You paddle among picturesque hills and meadows and only occasionally have to dodge fallen trees. The ruins of a railway viaduct indicate that you are already in Kozina.

  • Trail length: 16 km
  • Number of days: 1
  • Difficulty: easy section