Preludium kajakowe Wieprzy

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Recommended canoe trail
Trzebielino (Glewnik) - Broczyna (14 km)
szlak średnio trudny
The Pokrzywna river constitutes the first large right-bank tributary of Wieprza. It is nearly 30 kilometers long and starts at the Graniczne Lake near a small village of Łubno by the vast forests of the Bytów Lakeland. For kayakers the most interesting part is the 9 km long section of Pokrzywna from Glewnik located near the commune village of Trzebielino. Together with a fragment of Wieprza leading to the marina in Broczyna, both rivers form a 14 km long beautiful landscape trail. Pokrzywna carries quite a lot of water which along with its fast current and multiple trees hanging over the water or laying in it, at places constitutes a real challenge for the kayakers. Kayaking down Pokrzywna may constitute a great option for a one-day kayaking trip. Kayaking down Wieprza is usually initiated on this river, seeing how its upper part (above the mouth of Pokrzywna) is rather not suitable for group kayaking.