Kayaking routes proposal

1.Jeziernik – Dzików (22 km) (w tym 1 km na Czernicy)

Kayaking attractions

1. Biały Bór: a town from which kayaking on the Biała river is initiated
2. Bielsko Lake: a nearly 10 km long ribbon lake
3. Czarne: Relics of a Teutonic Order Castle from 1403, a historical church from 1757, war cemeteries, and a historical mill by Czernica
4. Gwda: one of the most beautiful kayaking trails in Central Pomerania

The kayaking trail on the nearby Biała river is also very picturesque. Going through pristine areas lacking any civilization, the river sometimes strongly meanders and its current includes frequent fallen trees. The first part of the trip between Biały Bór and Jeziernik goes through the Bielsko ribbon lake. Therefore, it is possible to pass by the lake and start the trip below, at the river’s 21st kilometer at the Jeziernik marina. From that point Biała goes constantly through forests until its mouth to Czernica. The Biała river trail is slightly easier and calmer than the Czernica trail, and that is why it is also suitable for beginner kayakers. It is best to end the trip at the Dzików marina, circa one kilometer below Biała’s mouth to Czernica.

  • Trail length: 30
  • Number of days: 1
  • Number of portages: 1
  • Recommended route of the trip: Jeziernik - Dzików (22 km)
  • Difficulty: medium