The river of a thousand turns


The Chociny trail surprises. At first glance nothing special happens there, but the river and its surroundings have something in them which has to be felt, experienced, and understood. The calm current leads the kayakers mainly across grasslands and fields, and the shores are accompanied only by sparse trees and curious cows. Wooden walks and bridges are often found above the water, disrupting the monotony of the trip and in most cases, with just a little bit of stretching, they can be passed without going out of the kayak. Moments when the trail goes across forests take the breath away and enchant even experienced kayakers who have seen a lot in their lives. The lower section of the trail is also unique, and it is possible to lose the orientation or end up with a head spin there. The river strongly meanders, so when going across fields together with companions it is possible to experience a sensation that everyone is going in a different direction. It is best to begin the trip in Zielona Chocna because the upper section of the river is more monotonous. A portage is located in the middle of the trail, by an old sawmill in Chociński Młyn and it is a good location to rest. The last fragment of the trail leads through the Karsińskie Lake and the trail is best ended on Brda in Swornegacie.

  • Trail length: 29
  • Number of days: 1
  • Number of portages: 5
  • Recommended route of the trip: Zielona Chocina - Swornegacie (25 km)
  • Difficulty: easy with no obstacles