Canoeing through Bory Tucholskie
Kanał Wdy

Kanał Wdy

The Wda Canal trail constitutes an interesting alternative for kayaking down Wda. It was created in 1840 as the oldest of the melioration canal systems, irrigating the dry areas of the Tuchola Forest. It is an easy and picturesque kayaking trail with no obstacles over the described section, suitable for family trips. Kayakers will be accompanied by beautiful pinewood forests over the entire duration of the trip. Kayaking down the Wda Canal can be initiated in Borsk below the portage. After circa 2 km the kayak should be transported from Wda to the canal by the weir which begins this hydrotechnical construction. The trail goes through villages of the Tuchola Forest which are well known primarily by mushroom pickers – Bąk and Wojtal. It is recommended to end the trail in Cegielnia by the aqueduct. In the following stream the canal branches out, gradually disappearing among the fields and grasslands. Persistent kayakers can take their vessels to Studzienicka Struga and travel back to Wda, although the trail is quite difficult and burdensome.

  • Trail length: 18
  • Number of days: 1
  • Number of portages: 2
  • Recommended route of the trip: Borsk - Cegielnia (18 km, along with the Wda section)
  • Difficulty: an easy trail with the possibility to kayak in both directions (no current)