Among the wild forests of Pomerania
Kuśnia i Ruda

Kuśnia i Ruda

Kuśnia and Ruda are two small rivers constituting the right-bank tributary of Brda. Kuśnia is referred to as a river flowing out of the Dymno Lake, from the “Dwa Mostki” natural landmark combined with the second river – Ruda. For ages this area constituted a borderland, and that is why it is an outskirt of civilization. Thanks to this the local nature enchants with its primal character and the trail itself, similarly as the nearby Modra trail, is one of the lesser popular Pomeranian kayaking trails. Rivers Kuśnia and Ruda are navigable from Płocicz. Kuśnia goes through pinewood forests in a narrow gorge between steep and sandy banks, and its stream includes frequent charming islands covered with underwater and ground plant life. Below the mouth of Ruda the river’s valley widens but the trail is still surrounded by a vast landscape of forests and fields. Whereas, the final section constitutes a vast wetland delta covered in canes. The trip can be ended on Brda at two locations: either 6 km below at the Dolinka marina, or going one kilometer upstream to the “Garbaty Most” which however is quite exhausting as Brda’s current is rather powerful. 13 km: Płocicz Beginning of the trip +6 km: Dolinka +1 km: Garbaty Most 3 km: Rudniki 5 km: Suszka 9 km: “Dwa Mostki” natural landmark 12 km: mill and forge ruins 0 km: mouth of Ruda and Kuśnia to Brda 13 km Ruda 1 Trail difficulty: Easy trail, medium difficult Brda trail

  • Trail length: 13
  • Number of days: 1
  • Number of portages: 0
  • Recommended route of the trip: Płocicz - Dolinka / Garbaty Most (19 / 14 km)
  • Difficulty: medium difficult trail, at places burdensome at a low water level