River "bidirectional"


Niechwaszcz is a small and little-known river, which is a right-bank tributary of the Wda. It is approx. 45 km long and is accessible to canoeists from the vicinity of the village of Chłopowy. An interesting fact is that it flows through almost flat areas, so in its upper section there is the phenomenon of the so-called bifurcation. This means that the waters flow in two directions – part north towards Zbrzyca and Młosina, and the main part south towards the Wda River. Due to the flat nature of the area, it has a slow current, additionally dammed up with numerous weirs. In its middle section, there is an irrigation canal with a length of approx. 5 km, built in Prussian times. The upper section of the river flows through monotonous meadows and fields, therefore the lower part of Niechwaszcza is more interesting for canoeists, largely leading through the forests of the Tuchola Forest. The river flows into the Wda in Czarna Woda and can be used as a supplement to the Wda canoeing trip or an independent, one or two-day canoe trip.

  • Trail length: 28
  • Number of days: 1-2
  • Number of portages: 3
  • Recommended route of the trip: Chłopowiec - Czarna Woda (30 km)
  • Difficulty: easy, slightly strenuous trail (slow current, portages through weirs)