To the Baltic beach in a kayak


Kayaking attractions

1.Jezioro Żarnowieckie
2.Rezerwat Piaśnickie Łąki
4.Ujście Piaśnicy do Bałtyku

The short, because just 16 km long Piaśnica trail allows to fully enjoy the recreation values of kayaking. It is a perfect section for 3 h long first ever kayaking, or a family trip. Crystal clear water and an open terrain with few trees on the horizon are the key characteristics of this trail. Trips begin by the beginning of Piaśnica in the Żarnowskie Lake and lead straight to the Baltic sea. The river enters the sea somewhere below Dębki – a popular summertime destination.

  • Trail length: 6
  • Number of days: 1
  • Number of portages: 0
  • Recommended route of the trip: J. Żarnowieckie - Dębki (6 km)
  • Difficulty: the trail is easy and without obstacles