The enchantment of logjam kayaking


Kayaking routes proposal

1.Jawory / Budowo – Jamrzyno (14 km)
2.Jamrzyno – Dębnica Kaszubska (14 km)

Kayaking attractions

1. Jawory, Jamrzyno, Starniczki: remains of old mills
2. Dębnica Kaszubska: a large village, and in the past an industrial center in the Słupia valley
3. Skarszów Dolny: a historical water power plant

Skotawa is a rarely known but highly enchanting river constituting a right tributary of Słupia. It is basically undeveloped and rarely visited by kayakers. It will be appreciated especially by all people who look for unpopular trails and ones requiring kayaking experience. Individual kayaks are definitely recommended for the river. It is possible to kayak on Skotawa starting from Jawory and Budowo. The trail initially goes through vast fields and grasslands, however the most interesting part consists in the central part of the river, from Jamrzyno to Dębica Kaszubska. At that section kayakers come across many obstacles, especially fallen trees and branches. Going through them requires high skills and concentration. It is best to end the trip by the bridge in Dębica Kaszubska due to two long and inconvenient portages: by the tannery in Dębica Kaszubska and by the water power plant in Skarszów Dolny.

  • Trail length: 33
  • Number of days: 2
  • Number of portages: 4
  • Recommended route of the trip: Jawory/Budowo - Dębnica Kaszubska (28 km)
  • Difficulty: difficult and with a "logjam" character below Jamrzyna, upper section between Jawory / Budowe and Jamrzyna slightly easier