Skotawa – difficult route (Jamrzyno – Skarszów Dolny)

Section length: 14 km (+3 km to Lubuń, the Słupia)


This is a difficult section because of the fast current and numerous fallen trees in the riverbed. It is best to start kayaking in Jamrzyno and finish in Dębnica Kaszubska. In Starniczki, you have to portage around a fish farm. Further on, there are two long portages at the tannery and sewage treatment plant in Dębnica Kaszubska and at the Skarszów Dolny hydroelectric power station. As you pass the power station, the route becomes easier. There are 2 km left until the Skotawa River flows into the Słupia River. You can finish your trip in Lubuń, about 3 km from the mouth of the river.

  • Trail length: 14 km (+3 km to Lubuń, the Słupia)
  • Difficulty: difficult route