Słupia – easy route (Bydlino – Ustka)

Słupia – easy route  (Bydlino – Ustka)

Section length: 17 km

The section from Bydlino to Ustka is easy. It is suitable for beginner kayakers and families with children. The attraction of this stretch is Ustka itself, which is a popular seaside town where you can visit, for example, the beautiful lighthouse. From Bydlino, the river flows in a wide riverbed with no obstacles or difficulties on the route. Initially, you swiftly cover a few kilometres among forests and then a meadow landscape appears. Downstream of the village of Charnowo, the river enters a forest again, where the “Buczyna nad Słupią” reserve is located to protect rare plant species. Further on, the river winds through meadows and reaches Ustka. About one kilometre before the mouth of the Słupia River at the Baltic Sea, it is possible to conveniently end the trip at the kayaking marina. You can also go to the sea and finish your kayaking trip on the beach in Ustka. This is only permitted with prior consent from the Harbour Master’s Office, which is also announced on the sign with the telephone number.