Słupia – moderately difficult (Krzynia – Bydlino)

Section length: 48 km

The Słupia River stretch from Krzynia to Bydlino is very scenic. The riverbed is wide (20 m) and deep (2-3 m). The current is fast, therefore obstacles (fallen trees, bushes), although very few, can cause a lot of trouble and require attention. The route runs mostly in quite lonely and wild terrain, and the only bigger town on the way is Słupsk, where you can visit the amazing Castle of Pomeranian Dukes. This stretch is suitable for experienced kayakers. After leaving Krzynia, the landscape is monotonous and several kilometres further you reach Leśny Dwór. Further on, the landscape alternates between meadows and forests, and you encounter fallen trees in the riverbed. Then, on your right you pass the biggest tributary of the Słupia River, the Skotawa River (an interesting but strenuous kayaking route suitable for those who like trips with many obstacles.) On the way to Luboń, there are places where the riverbed is almost entirely obstructed by willow brush and trees. After several kilometres in such scenery, you pass Łosino, where the area of the Dolina Słupi Landscape Park ends. A few kilometres further, the route reaches Słupsk. Here you have to portage you kayak around the salmon lock. You paddle through the town and admire its monuments. Downstream of a large railway bridge, the river leaves Słupsk. Meandering, you cover next kilometres with fallen logs appearing in the current. After the village of Włynówko, the river banks become diversified with mixed forests. In such a scenery the route reaches Bydlino.