The Studzienicka Struga – difficult route (Cegielnia – Wieck)

The Studzienicka Struga – difficult route (Cegielnia – Wieck)

Recommended kayaking trip route: Cegielnia – Wieck

Difficulty: a difficult and strenuous kayaking route

Section length: 9 km

The Studzienicka Struga is a few kilometre long link between the Wda Canal and the Wda River. The best place to start your kayaking trip is at the aqueduct in the village of Cegielnia. The first 300 m is a narrow, winding, shallow stream where you may have to tow your kayak; the next one-kilometre section to Lake Smolnik is wider and you can travel in the kayak here, occasionally dragging it over fallen trees. After passing the lake, the section to Leśna Huta is very picturesque, but because of beavers it is quite troublesome, with a lot of fallen trees and lodges damming up the river by one metre. A few footbridges. Further on, the route, with numerous fallen and more difficult to cross trees, goes to Lake Wieckie. Down to the lake, the stream is wide and flows among buildings of the village of Wieck.

  • Trail length: 9 km
  • Number of days: 1
  • Difficulty: difficult route