The shape of water trail depends on two aspects: its hardness and burdensomeness. Hardness comes mainly from the pace of river stream, the number of trees, branches and other obstacles that have to be overcome with a canoe, presence of shallows, riffles and potentially dangerous places as stakes, underwater rocks and so on. And burdensomeness is a parameter that determines the number and hardship of portages on a trail. They appear usually near hydro power stations, mills, weirs and other hydro-technical facilities, and you need to get out of your canoe and move it manually (canoe carriages). In addition, mountain water trails include other parameters.

Easy water trails are river stretches with almost no obstacles in stream or burdensome portages. Their streams are usually quiet, only in some parts it is required to take more caution. If canoeing wisely and following the rules of safety on water, canoeists on those trails are rather not exposed to risk of capsizing or bath. Such trails are recommended for the beginners who are just about taking their first steps in canoeing, bigger organized groups, and especially for families with children. They are available for all kinds of canoes and kayaks.

Easy trails on Pomeranian rivers:

Bytowa, Chocina, Zbrzyca, Młosina, Grand Brda Canal, Pilica, Graniczna,

Trzebiocha, Wda Canal, Piaśnica, Czarna Wda, Lakes of Kółko Raduńskie,

Motława, Tuga and Święta, Martwa Wisła, Szkarpawa, Wisła Królewiecka,

Nogat: the whole stretch of the river described on our website

Brda: middle and lower stretches (starting from Przytoń Nature Reserve)

Liwa: lower stretch (starting from Kwidzyn)

Łeba: lower stretch (starting from Łęczyce)

Łupawa: upper stretch (Obrowo - Kozin) and lower stretch (Smołdzino - Retowo)

Radunia: upper stretch (up to Somonin), lower stretch (Pruszcz Gdański - Krępiec)

Reda: upper stretch (Zamostne - Wejherowo) and lower stretch (Reda - Mrzezino)

Słupia: middle stretch (Gałąźnia Mała - Leśny Dwór) and lower stretch (Bydlino - Ustka)

Wda: middle stretch (starting from Lipusz) and lower stretch

Wieprza: lower stretch (starting from Korzybie)


Medium water trails are parts of the river that give a lot of fun of trip participants. Those usually go through smaller and more winding rivers that can occasionally surprise with an obstacle in the shape of a narrowing, collapsed tree in the stream or fast-flowing, pebbly stretch – a riffle. Such places require from canoeists to exercise a little, and sometimes inexperienced tries to overcome obstacles may lead to little or bigger bath. Such trails also include portages that occasionally make you get out of the canoe. It is recommended that at least some of the canoeists of the group should have some basic experience in this matter during this trip. A good idea is choosing the “trip leader” who would overwatch its course and safety. Pay especial attention to children, teenagers and those participants who can’t swim. Those trails are available for all kinds of canoes and kayaks.

Medium water stretches of Pomerania include:

Czernica and Biała, Kuśnia and Ruda, Kłonecznica, Pokrzywna:

the whole stretch of the river described on our website

Brda: upper stretch (Świeszyno - Przytoń Nature Reserve)

Liwa: middle stretch (Prabuty - Kwidzyn)

Łeba: upper stretch (Sianowo - Tłuczewo)

and partly the middle stretch (Paraszyno - Łęczyce)

Łupawa: lower stretch (Damno Młyn - Smołdzino)

Radunia: middle stretch (Żukowo - Pruszcz Gdański)

Reda: middle stretch (Wejherowo - Reda)

Skotawa: middle stretch (Jawory/Budowo - Jamrzyno)

Słupia: majority of the upper and middle stretches (Gowidlino - Bydlino)

Wda: upper stretch (Wiecko Lake - Lipusz)

Wieprza: middle stretch (mouth of Pokrzywna - Korzybie)

Wierzyca: the whole stretch of the river described on our website


Hard water trails are parts of Pomerania rivers that are recommended rather for experienced canoeists. A lot of “little banks”, narrow and critical fast-streamed stretches require from you a good technique and stamina. Such trails give you an opportunity to try such techniques as “Eskimo roll” in practice. One-person mountain canoes are the best choice here. Planning such trip you have to be aware of high probability of capsizing and bath. It is even an inherent part of such trips which at the same time gives you a lot of emotions and laughter. This kind of water trail will require from you a lot of free time in order not to end it after dark. It is very dangerous even for experienced canoeists. You should carefully consider engaging in this trip people who can’t swim, who are afraid of water or children. It is good to be equipped with a special, waterproof outfit and gloves, especially during colder seasons.

Hard trails on Pomeranian rivers:

Bukowina, Kamienica, Studnica, Wietcisa:

the whole stretch of the river described on our website

Łeba: middle stretch (Tłuczewo - Paraszyno)

Łupawa: middle stretch (Kozin - Damno Młyn)

Skotawa: lower stretch (Jamrzyno - Skarszów Dolny)

Słupia: Rynna Sulęczyńska near Sulęczyn