A canoe and oars are of course crucial and are usually provided by the trip organizer. But you absolutely have to remember about a buoyancy aid or life-jacket (the second for those who can’t swim). It is not for putting it on a seat, but for wearing it – it significantly increases your safety.

In addition, it is worth buying or renting a canoe bag which can hold spare clothes, documents, car keys, provisions and drinks. Well tied it ensures their safety in case of capsizing. And it is good to equip your phone with a waterproof case. It is worth taking with you some additional clothes (even socks and underwear). Such equipment, put in a waterproof bag, lets you minimize the effects of an incidental bath. It is recommended to take a lot of snacks, including easily digestible carbohydrates in the form of candies or fruits. A large amount of water is crucial: at least 1.5 liter per person Another complement should be sunscreen and mosquito and tick spray, as well as portable first aid kit. In case of longer trips it is necessary to take camping gear, but it is worth consulting more experienced canoeists in this matter.