Brda – easy section (Lake Charzykowskie – Lake Karsińskie – Swornegacie)

Section length: 15 km

It is definitely a section which abounds in lakes. When the wind is strong, mind the rather big waves. They may get unpleasant. To be on the safe side, it is best to stay close to the shore. The route offers great tourist infrastructure, especially for sailors, which is also adjusted for kayakers. You can set off on the kayaking trip from Charzykowy (harbour for yachts, municipal beach or marina run by WOPR (Volunteer Water Rescue Service)). Charzykowy is very popular with tourists. It is known all over Poland as the cradle of sailing and a water sports centre. Due to changing weather conditions, and especially due to the occurrence of dangerous waves, it is best to stay close to the shore. On the left, you paddle around the Wyspa Miłości island and on the right, you pass vacation centres in the villages of Funka and Bachorze. Near the latter one, there is a lake narrowing and several tiny islands. You paddle into the north part of Lake Charzykowskie. On both sides, the waterbody shores are overgrown with forest. You reach Małe Swornegacie. Now, you paddle past a drawbridge and a narrowing. Then, you reach Lake Długie, which is more similar to an overflowing river. On the right, there is the kayak marina in Kokoszka. Right after passing this place, you paddle onto Lake Karsińskie. On the left, the Chocina flows into it. “Karsin”, as this is how the locals refer to it, is a vast and unpredictable waterbody. Waves may surprise you. Therefore, it is a good idea to paddle at a safe distance from the left shore. From the distance, you can see the buildings of the Swornegacie village and a lake narrowing. 400 m downstream of the lake narrowing, you reach a kayak marina, on the right side of the shore, right after a bridge.

  • Trail length: 15 km