Liwa – easy section (Mareza – Biała Góra)

Stretch length: 26 km

The river completely changes its image. The water flows lazily through the meadows in long, straight stretches;

the river is often obstructed by trees, bushes and a lot of rubbish. On the way, you pass fields, meadows and buildings. The route starts in Mareza. Initially, the river is somewhat narrow (5-7 m), “canal-like”, with steep banks. You pass the local bridge in Mareza, a viaduct of national road 90 and the bridge of the district road connecting Mareza and Podzamcze. The route nears the village of Pastwa. There is an obstacle (a line) under the bridge. The landscape is typically agricultural. Another bridge, this time on the Brachlewo – Janowo road. You reach Szkaradowo; under the bridge, a pile of stones and rubbish. Be careful. In the vicinity of the village of Rudniki, there is another road bridge, and on the right the mouth of the Postolińska Struga stream. The Postolińska Struga is one of the largest tributaries of the Liwa River. After about 4 km, you reach the road bridge near the village of Benowo. The river is slightly wider, about 10 m, but still resembles a canal, with banks several metres high, restricting the view of the nearby countryside. You approach a small wooded area, with a backwater on your right. Few fallen trees in the riverbed. Ahead of you, there is the historic Wielki Upust (Great Sluice) and the system of locks in Biała Góra; now you enter the Nogat River. The trip ends at the sailing marina.

  • Trail length: 26 km