Kayaking routes proposal

1.Sporysz – Sarniak (18 km)
2.Sarniak – Lubnica (12 km)(w tym 1 km na Gwdzie)

Kayaking attractions

1. Biały Bór: a town from which kayaking on the Biała river is initiated
2. Bielsko Lake: a nearly 10 km long ribbon lake
3. Czarne: Relics of a Teutonic Order Castle from 1403, a historical church from 1757, war cemeteries, and a historical mill by Czernica
4. Gwda: one of the most beautiful kayaking trails in Central Pomerania

Czernica and its tributary Biała constitute very attractive and at the same time rarely known forest kayaking trails. Both rivers belong to the Gwda drainage basin and go through remarkably wild, heavily forested areas. These are trails perfect for people who like quietness and calmness, forest camping, and at the same time possess a bit of kayaking experience. The rapid current and multiple trees in the water do not allow for any boredom when on these rivers. The Czernica kayaking trail does not include the entire river. Aficionados of “singles” can start their trip at the road bridge between Brzezie and Pieniężnica (circa at the river’s 40th km). It’s best to start a trip in double kayaks in Sporysz, and then the Czernica trail will be 31 km long. After passing Dzików the river becomes wider and includes much fewer natural obstacles. In the lower part of the trail the river goes through a small town – Czarne. It’s best to end the trip on Gwda, at a marina in Lubnica to which it is necessary to paddle upstream for circa one kilometer.

  • Trail length: 40
  • Number of days: 2
  • Number of portages: 2
  • Recommended route of the trip: Sporysz - Lubnica (30 km)
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Tributaries (available to canoeists): Biała