The younger sister of Słupia


Kayaking routes proposal

1. Tuchomie – Modrzejewo (9 km)
2. Modrzejewo – Kamieńc (14 km)
3. Kamieńc – Gałąźnia Mała (11 km)

Kayaking attractions

1.Jezioro Kamieniczno
4.Regional Chamber in Modrzejewo
5.Reserve „Dolina Huczka”
6.Hydroelectric power plant Gałąźnia Mała

Worth seeing

Kamieniczno Lake: a ribbon lake with the area of 120 ha, depth at more than 20 m, and more than 4.2 km in length, turning into the ravine of Kamienica in its northern part. Ciemno, an old Kashubian village, Kamienica canyon, old mill. Tuchomie: a large Kashubian village with a medieval lineage on the old Miastko-Bytów railroad line (currently the “Rolled Railroad” bike trail), monuments of rural architecture. Słupia Valley Landscape Park: the only valley landscape park in Pomerania protecting various natural ecosystems of the central part of the heavily forested Słupia valley between Soszyca and Słupsk. The “Dolina Huczka” reserve: a reserve near Kamienica’s mouth to Słupia. It protects the unique natural complex of the forested river valley. In the reserve a didactic trail has been set out, leading partially over wooden bridges and stairs. Gałąźnia Mała water power plant: the largest historical water power plant on river Słupia. Its construction shortened the river’s sides at more than ten kilometers due to which Słupia’s old bed (from Kamieniec) currently carries almost solely the waters of Kamienica. The picturesquely located building of the power plant with interesting architecture is available for visiting by tourist groups. A visit requires initial booking at the Energa Wytwarzanie company.
One of the most beautiful, wildest, and least known rivers of Pomerania. The “logjam” trail includes many trees, riffles, and rocks in the water. The river is suitable especially for experienced kayakers, in individual mountain kayaks. The obstacles on the trail require high technical skills and provide the possibility to prove oneself for example when walking in a kayak across trees. The river goes through remarkable and wild forests, and the surrounding is rich in animals. Here it is possible to come across a doe, deer, or otter, as well as rare species of birds. At the river mouth it is possible to see the picturesque gorge of the Huczek stream which is protected as a nature reserve. The starting marina of the Kamienica kayaking trail is located by Tuchomie, at the 33rd kilometer. In theory it is possible to travel in a kayak on Kamienica starting from the long Kamieniczno ribbon lake by which the enchanting town of Gliśno is located. However, at the upper section of Kamienica (above Kamieniec) there are often problems concerning a low water level, and it also includes a number of annoying portages. For that reason the most popular section on the trail is located between Kamienica and Gałąźnia Mała (2.5 km). This section of Kamienica takes advantage of the old river bed of Słupia, which almost entire current has been directed nearly 100 years ago through the Głębokie Lake directly to Gałąźnia Mała. The overgrown old river bed, through which only a small stream flows today, is visible at the very beginning of the Kamieniec trail, on the right. The trail ends at the Gałąźnia Mała kayak marina, circa 1 km below a water power plant of the same name

  • Trail length: 42
  • Number of days: 2-3
  • Number of portages: 4
  • Recommended route of the trip: Tuchomie / Kamieńc - Gałąźnia Mała (34 km)
  • Difficulty: very difficult and with a "logjam" character over its entire length, various riffles, trees, obstacles, with the section above Kamieniec difficult to travel through at a low water level