A river for the perseverant


Kayaking routes proposal

1.Studzienice – Hamer Młyn (9 km)
2.Hamer Młyn – Laska (19 km)(w tym 2 km przez J. Laska i fragment Zbrzycy)

Kłonecznica is a rarely known kayaking trail which is the right-bank tributary of Zbrzyca. It is a narrow river which is rather not rich in water, so it’s best to travel in individual kayaks. It may be started in Studzienice, at the north shore of the 6 km long Studzieniczne ribbon lake. This river goes through sparsely inhabited areas, as well as wild and vast lakes and grasslands. At forest sections a frequent obstacle, and at the same time attraction, consists in trees fallen due to winds or beavers. A portage is located by the old sawmill in Hamer Młyn, more or less in the middle of the trail. The trail may be ended near a trout farm by the forester’s lodge in Laska (that is also the location of the portage) or at the Księże Lake where going upstream for circa 500 meters on Zbrzyca it is possible to reach Laska – a recommended kayaking endpoint.

  • Trail length: 26
  • Number of days: 1-2
  • Number of portages: 2
  • Recommended route of the trip: Studzienice - Laska (28 km)
  • Difficulty: difficult trail, rather strenuous due to numerous obstacles in the current and shallow water