In a kayak through the lakes of Szwajcaria Kaszubska
Kółko Jezior Raduńskich

Kółko Jezior Raduńskich

Kayaking routes proposal

1.Stężyca – Chmielno (18 km)
2.Chmielno – Gołubie (21 km)

Kayaking attractions


Worth seeing

1. Stężyca – A village located at one of the highest spots of the “Kółko Jezior Raduńskich” trail. It is best to start kayaking on this trail at the marina on Stężyckie Lake.
2. Borucino – A town located near the isthmus between Raduńskie Dolne and Raduńskie Górne ribbon lakes. It includes a limnological station of the University of Gdańsk.
3. Chmielno – A very popular Kashubian tourist location. A long time ago a Slavic gord was located there, which traces can be seen up to this day at the isthmus by the Kłodno Lake. The village is famous for its traditional Kashubian ceramics workshop, handled for ten generations by the Necle family.
4. Ostrzyce – A recreational village located by the Ostrzyckie Lake at the place where Radunia exits the “Kółko Raduńskie”. The village is surrounded by great hills of a terminal moraine. Multiple guesthouses, restaurants, and water equipment rental spots can be found in Ostrzyce.
5. Wieżyca – A 328.6 m a. s. l. elevation which constitutes the highest “mountain” of Kashubia. The hill is protected as a nature reserve and includes for example the John Paul II lookout tower from which the entire vast area of Szwajcaria Kaszubska can be seen. Five ski lifts are located near Wieżyca.

The kayaking trail going through a complex of large ribbon lakes forming an ellipsis at the so called “Szwajcaria Kaszubska” area is usually referred to as the “Kółko Jezior Raduńskich” trail. It is the highest part of Kashubia with such hills as Wieżyca (328.6 m a. s. l.), as well as Złota Góra (235.1 m a. s. l.), and Góra Tamowa (224.1 m a. s. l.). These are terminal moraines formed during the last ice age. The lakes connected with multiple isthmuses together with river Radunia constitute a 37 km long trail available for kayakers. What is characteristic for most lakes of the “Kółko” are the steep and difficult to reach shores due to which large sections of the trail are poorly developed and surprisingly wild. At the same time, the area includes multiple recreation centers, marinas, and popular tourist locations such as Ostrzyce, Chmielno, or Stężyca.
It is best to begin the trail in Stężyca by kayaking north over two very long lakes – Raduńskie Dolne and Raduńskie Górne. Then, through the weir in Chmielonek, it is possible to reach the smaller lakes of the Chmielno area (Kłodno, Rekowo, and Białe). Then, over short fragments of Radunia, it is possible to reach Ostrzyce in order to later end the trail (in Gołubie Kaszubskie) while kayaking at the foot of Wieżyca.

  • Trail length: 37
  • Number of days: 2
  • Number of portages: 2
  • Recommended route of the trip: Stężyca - Chmielno - Gołubie (36 km)
  • Difficulty: an easy trail leading mainly through lakes