An addition to a trip down Zbrzyca


Młosina is a short river rich in water and suitable for kayaking, which is also a left-bank tributary of Zbrzyca. It is best to begin the trip in Leśno because the upper section of Młosina is quite overgrown and leads through multiple lakes. This fragment of the trail is only 3 km long and usually constitutes a part of a trip down Zbrzyca. An advantage of such a solution is the possibility to pass by a shallow and quite burdensome section of Zbrzyca above Kaszuba. In Leśno the place for watering kayaks is located by a historical larch wood rural church from the 17th century. It can account for the highest wooden tower in Poland and is a characteristic point of the area. Then the trail goes mainly through fields and after meeting with Zbrzyca, both rivers flow together to a marsh by an old wooden mill in Kaszuba. From this point it is possible to go further with Zbrzyca to Laska – then the trip will be 17 km long.

  • Trail length: 3
  • Number of days: 1
  • Number of portages: 0
  • Recommended route of the trip: Leśno - Kaszuba (4 km)
  • Difficulty: easy