Just a wild river


Kayaking routes proposal

1. Miastko – Kawczyn (17 km)
2. Kawczyn – Kawka / Biesowice (20 km)

Kayaking attractions

1. Miastko
2. Kawczyn
3. Ciecholub
4. Biesowice

Worth seeing

Miastko. It is the biggest town in the west part of the Bytów district, and in the past it was an important center of the textile and wood industry. It also constitutes the beginning of the Studnica kayaking trail. In the past the river sides were connected by a great railroad bridge which has been destroyed in 1945. Bridgehead ruins can still be seen in the Studnica valley, slightly below the portage in Miastko. Kawczyn. A small settlement in the Studnica valley. Two bridgeheads and an old mill are located here. It is the only location developed for the purposes of kayakers on the entire Studnica trail between Miastko and Kawka. Ciecholub. In the small location near the mouth of Studnica to Słupia a historical water power plant is located. Its wattle and daub building has been erected in the 20s of the 20th century.
Studnica is a difficult kayaking trail, recommended only for experienced kayakers. This wild and fast-flowing river including multiple obstacles in its current will provide adrenaline for all kayaking aficionados. It goes through a narrow valley and remote forests from Miastko towards the north. Over the course of more than 30 kilometers there are no settlements or towns so kayaking down Studnica constitutes a real escape from civilization. Only in Kawczyn, in the middle of the trail, there is a camping spot. Near Miastko the river is quite polluted, although it reclaims its values after a few kilometers. Only individual kayaks are recommended for Studnica. It’s best to end the trip on Wieprza in the town of Kawka.

  • Trail length: 35
  • Number of days: 2
  • Number of portages: 4
  • Recommended route of the trip: Miastko - Kawka (Biesowice, 37 km)
  • Difficulty: very difficult and demanding trail