Kaszubskie Kajaki Wypożyczalnia Sprzętu Rekreacyjnego Paweł Marszk

Kaszubskie Kajaki Wypożyczalnia Sprzętu Rekreacyjnego Paweł Marszk


Raduńska 4a, 83-307 Kiełpino


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Kaszubskie Kajaki – Recreational Equipment Rental Shop Paweł Marszk

If active recreation is something you are looking for in Kashubia, you have come to the right place! Kaszubskie Kajaki Company on the Radunia offers modern kayaks for boating trips along all the Kashubian rivers, including kayaking on the Radunia. However, due to our location at the heart of Kashubia, we specialize in arranging individual and organised boating trips on the Radunia river and the Radunia Lakes Circle. Additionally, we are often present on the rivers of Kashubian Switzerland, including the Łeba, Słupia, Łupawa and Bukowina.

Our offer covers a variety of boating trips, lasting from a few hours to one-day or even several days. Owing to our 10-year experience, we can find something suitable for everyone who wants to relax by the water. The offer spans boating trips of various levels of difficulty: from very easy to extreme. However, if you have your own idea for a boating trip, it is possible to chose a stretch of a river and duration of the trip. Our flagship section is the Upper Radunia. The route starts at the tourist village of Ostrzyce and ends at our base in Kiełpino.

Kaszubskie Kajaki takes care of the safety of trip participants and so it is mandatory to use a safety jacket. In the case of more difficult or demanding river stretches, kayakers are offered special kayaking helmets to protect their heads against abrasion or injuries. Before each trip, those hiring kayaks are informed about the nature and course of the boating route.

The base of Kaszubskie Kajaki is situated directly by the Radunia (we own 700 m of the riverside) Most boating trips on the Radunia start and end at our base. Two shelters, a platform, tables, benches, a bonfire and grill sites, as well as toilets allow you to have a good time before and after kayaking. You can also pitch up a tent on our premises.