Usługi turystyczne Zbigniew Galiński ACTIVITAS Stanica Kajakowa Wdzydze

Usługi turystyczne Zbigniew Galiński ACTIVITAS Stanica Kajakowa Wdzydze


Opławiec 161, 85-469 Bydgoszcz


tel. 607 590 350


tel. 58 686 12 15



Period of operation:


Rivers served:

Brda, Bukowina, Kamienica, Kanał Wdy, Kłonecznica, Młosina, Pilica, Graniczna i Trzebiocha, Słupia, Wda, Wielki Kanał Brdy, Wierzyca, Zbrzyca, Łupawa

ACTIVITAS Kayaking Centre in Wdzydze – ACTIVITAS is a family business with rich and versatile tourist experience – we practise tourism in its various forms ourselves. Consequently, we understand tourists and are glad to help them solve their problems with advice and assistance. For more efficient access to the equipment, we operate in three locations: at the PTTK Waterside Centre in Wdzydze on the kayaking route of the Wda River, at the PTTK Waterside Centre in Swornegacie on Lake Witoczno on the kayaking route of the Brda and Zbrzyca rivers, and in Grochów near Tuchola and Chojnice. These sites make excellent starting points for kayaking routes on the Brda and Wda rivers. Tourists can safely leave their cars here while going on a boating trip or a more sedentary holiday. Our hostels offer accommodation and food, equipment rental and kayak transporting services, as well as running shops with basic kayaking accessories, maps, kayaking guides and more. Visit our hostel websites where you can find further information. The PTTK WATERSIDE CENTRE in WDZYDZE is a very distinctive facility on the “Kashubian Sea”, or the Wdzydze Lakes, and on the Wda River kayaking route. Its origins date back to 1956, when the first iconic stilt houses were built, which were designed and adapted for kayakers and have become part of the landscape of Lake Wdzydze. After a thorough modernization, they continue to serve tourists, providing quite a good standard. Nowadays, the hostel serves as a base for sailors and kayakers alike. Specialist infrastructure has been developed for boaters. The platforms have been modernized and fitted with electrical connections. At the reception desk, there is a specialist shop with plenty of sightseeing materials, maps and guides about the region. You can also buy all kinds of accessories needed for kayaking or sailing. Especially for kayakers, there is a campsite with a bonfire place, shelter and tables located on the Kozia Łąka meadow. There is also a wood-fired sauna at the very lake awaiting all those who want to regenerate themselves. An upgraded, modern pavilion with toilets and washing facilities is available for all tourists staying on the premises. Electronically controlled showers are available for 5 minutes after inserting tokens. Motorized guests can make use of a caravanning site with connections. The Centre offers 140 beds in cottages for 7, 4, 3 or 2 people. All of them have modernised bathrooms with full sanitary facilities. In addition, there are two year-round apartments, each with 3 rooms, a fireplace, a bathroom and kitchenette. In 2010, a 36-metre-high observation tower with an educational shelter was put into use on the centre’s premises, right next to the tavern. The fantastic view of the Wdzydze Lakes is breathtaking. Access to the tower is free-of-charge. Those who have little free time can take advantage of our active weekend offer. This includes short 1-2-day kayaking trips along the Wda river from Lipusz to Wdzydze, from Wdzydze to Wojtal or along the Trzebiocha river from Rybaki to Wdzydze. We propose a full package of services guaranteeing professional conduct of events. We also operate four new OPEL VIVARO minibuses with air conditioning and a FORD TRANSIT. The Centre also organizes integration events for companies, offering interesting activities to integrate their teams, including active forms of recreation, such as kayaking, sailing, biking, hiking, orienteering, competing in recreational sports and tavern fun. Of course, we also provide catering. For schools we have a special offer of active forms of recreation. An undeniable advantage of this place is the tavern’s harbour atmosphere, where shanties are a permanent feature, supported by good cuisine with fish in the main role. Every Friday and Saturday from May to September, various bands present their own interpretation of shanties and invite guests to dance to the guitar tunes.