Usługi Turystyczne Zbigniew Galiński ACTIVITAS Stanica Kajakowa nad J. Witoczno, Swornegacie

Usługi Turystyczne Zbigniew Galiński ACTIVITAS Stanica Kajakowa nad J. Witoczno, Swornegacie


Opławiec 161, 85-469 Bydgoscz


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Brda, Bukowina, Kamienica, Kanał Wdy, Kłonecznica, Młosina, Pilica, Graniczna i Trzebiocha, Słupia, Wda, Wielki Kanał Brdy, Wierzyca, Zbrzyca, Łupawa

ACTIVITAS kayaking centre on Lake Witoczno, Swornegacie

The PTTK WATERSIDE CENTRE in SWORNEGACIE is an iconic facility for kayakers and tourists keen on other sports. It was built in 1956. In the archives of PTTK (Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society), I found a handwritten note stating that the facility’s final inspection would be delayed due to the impossibility of reaching it from Poznań. It was the memorable June of 1956, when the workers’ demonstrations in Poznań were brutally suppressed. The distinctive cottages on “Chicken Feet” have become a permanent feature of the landscape of the Brda river and Lake Witoczno. All the cottages have bathrooms and their rooms have been renovated and equipped with new furniture. The hostel offers basic catering services. On site you can buy maps and guides. Water equipment and bicycles can also be rented. The reception desk offers access to the Internet and satellite TV is available in the common room. We organise one-day and multi-day kayaking trips. A special offer is available for schools, including active forms of recreation. For companies we provide integration events with exciting team-integrating activities. The fantastic location in the Zaborski Landscape Park and on the border of the Tuchola Forest National Park, along with a multitude of tourist routes for hikers, cyclists and kayakers, offers excellent opportunities for pleasant leisure time in the unspoilt environment. 2 June, 2010 is a special date in the history of the protection of the Tuchola Forest. On that day, the International Co-ordinating Council of the Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) in Paris decided to establish the Tuchola Forest Biosphere Reserve. It is the 10th and the largest biosphere reserve in Poland. The establishment of the reserve is a result of almost 20 years of cooperation between scientists, local authorities and non-governmental organizations in order to protect this naturally and culturally valuable area. Granting this area an international rank, a brand recognized all over the world, will certainly contribute to the promotion of the Tuchola Forest as an area where economic development goes hand in hand with protection of nature, landscape and cultural heritage, in accordance with broadly defined sustainable development. Moreover, it will make the region’s inhabitants even more sensitive to pro-ecological ways of managing ecosystems and creating harmony between the society and nature. In our hostel we make every effort to make sure that guests have enjoyable leisure and pleasant memories of their stay.