Rogali nr 8, 83-424 Lipusz


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We are situated at the very heart of Kashubia and Pomerania, close to the most beautiful water routes such as those covering the Wda, Brda, Słupia or Łupawa rivers and many picturesque lakes, including Lakes Wdzydzkie, Raduńskie and Gowidlińskie. Our offer is aimed at both beginners and experienced kayakers, as well as people not involved in this activity. We believe that everyone can find something for themselves among numerous rivers in northern Poland, and our company can help you make the right choice in the most professional way. At our premises we also provide services for kayakers. Trip participants may use our free car park. You can reach Lipusz also by bus or train from Kościerzyna, Chojnice, Gdynia or Gdańsk. In the village, in the vicinity of NAVIGO, there is a campsite with running water and toilets. Due to direct access to the Wda River, we are competitive with other kayak-renting companies, and all the more so we invite and encourage those interested to take advantage of our offer.

A kayak rental shop operating in one of the most beautiful regions of West Kashubia. Our offer spans various boating trips, such as one-day, several-day and integration events for companies and students, with the possibility of providing catering services.