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The ekajaki.pl company has been operating on the tourism services market since 2005. We are a family business. Our operations involve mainly organising kayaking trips and related events. From the very beginning, we have focused on providing high quality services. Consequently, we purchased state-of-the-art polyethylene equipment allowing us to develop a wide offer of boating trips. These include trips on very easy rivers for beginners, as well as mountain-like stretches for experienced kayakers. Polyethylene kayaks offer an opportunity to explore routes which previously have been inaccessible for older kayaks. As our premises are located in the very centre of the Pomeranian kayaking routes, we are able to offer highly competitive prices. We are mostly interested in very popular routes along the Wda and Brda rivers; however, first of all we would like to promote tourist routes that are very attractive though little known in Poland and abroad, such as the Słupia, Łupawa and Wieprza rivers as well as their tributaries. We have developed a very innovative web site – www.ekajaki.pl – where we post our own descriptions of kayaking routes covering rivers never written about before, practical tips for beginners, films shot on different stretches, interactive maps and something to break stereotypes – our winter boating trips! We were the first to market packages for one-day trips (price, range of services, difficulty level). Over 20 highly attractive one-day boating trips have found great recognition among our customers. ekajaki.pl in numbers: more than 200 top-class polyethylene kayaks; more the 10,000 km travelled on Pomeranian rivers (measured and described); 3 language versions of our web site (Polish, German and English); 3,000 km of navigable kayaking routes offered by ekajaki.pl; PLN 1: the price of participation in a winter boating trip; 360: the number of our kayaking days per year; 1000: the total length of all our paddles in metres; 100,000: the number of seats in our kayaks available throughout a year; 500,000: the number of times our films have been viewed.